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Ceramic Tile How To Manual

For an elegant look that is durable, rugged, and even waterproof, many people turn to ceramic tile. Ceramic Tile can be put to many uses, patios, kitchen floors, bathroom floors and walls, even more. Learning to tile is not the formidable task some would lead you to believe. At this website we try take some of the mystery out of ceramic floor tiling, to give you the confidence and instruction to create your own beautiful home improvement project.

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We begin with a bit of history, just to give you some background, and something to talk to your friends about as you direct one to get another tile and the tile cutter.

Before you can begin tiling proper, you will need to gather tools and materials. Ceramic tiling requires special equipment to do the job properly, a tile cutter and nippers at the very least.

Proper planning and preps will help to prevent poor performance. What may seem a waste of time now, will end up making the job more efficient in the long run.

Cutting and laying tiles is where much of the mystery of tiling lies. A little reading and practice will draw away the veil.

Grout ties the field of tiles together and helps to guarantee water impermeability. Grout is made of cement and, when sealed, makes a hard finish that can enhance the beauty of the project.

Don't forget safety. A project is no fun if it results in a shard in the eye. But whatever you do, expect a few scraped knuckles and a few aching muscles at the end of it all. But these will only add to your sense of satisfaction in a job well done.

We assay to answer a question or two in our Ceramic Tile FAQs.

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