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Planning to Lay Ceramic Tile

This is the point where your go into the workspace with a measuring tape and a pencil to take the dimensions of the project you will be facing. Be sure to commit these measurements to paper (to avoid uncertainty while shopping for tile). It is best to take the measurements twice, just so there are no errors later. This will provide a framework on which to plan out what you want to do.

You will undoubtedly have something in mind before beginning this process. You may of course, have a very simple pattern picked out, and it may just be a matter of buying the appropriate square footage and beginning in the middle of the room, then woring out to the edges. However, you may have something a bit more complex in mind. Perhaps a border, or a specially designed tile here and there. Should this be the case, it is best to get a pad of graph paper and lay out the entire job, tile-by-tile the way you envision it. A little bit of pencil work can go a long way to solving problems before they happen.

Simply set a scale for each square (this will vary depending on the size of your surface). With a sharp pencil and a ruler, draw in your design. Make allowances for corners, fixtures, pipes, outlets and anything else that might be a factor.

When your tiles have been purchased, it is also wise, though not absolutely necessary, to lay a few tiles out on the floor or other surface to be certain that the result will conform to your vision. Be sure to include any spacers in this laying out process in order to be precise and accurate.

Once you have a fair idea of what you are going to do, it will be time to begin gathering tools and materials.

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