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Ceramic Tile Safety

There are a couple of hazards in installing ceramic tile. But basic precautions will prevent injury. First, when cutting tile always wear goggles and a mask. Flying debris is common and flying dust is even more common. Tile nippers are perhaps the worst offender at shooting shards of ceramic that seem inevitably to fly toward someone's eyes.

Try to keep tile adhesive and cement from exposed skin. Neither will strike you dead or blind with short exposure, but they are harmful over time. Tile adhesive can remain sticky for long periods and if left on fingers could come off on furniture upholstery or eating utensils at dinner (don't want to anger the spouse - who tends to be finicky about such things). Rubber gloves will go a long way to preventing skin exposure. Tile adhesive can be removed with the application of mineral spirits. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Knee pads can prevent a few aches and pains, but they can sometimes be awkward. In any case, it is good to have a board or something to kneel on when applying tile, if only to spread your weight and to keep the tiles from sliding.

Any tool may be dangerous; be sure you are thoroughly familiar with their operation. Read the manuals for any power tools you use.

Just remember, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", or as they say in Europe, "a Kilometer is as good as a mile." No job is worth getting hurt over. Work hard, have fun, and be safe.

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